Monday’s Workout

Get your week started off right with a great work out!

Monday : Resistance Training & Cardio ( LEGS & ABS )

• Squats Free Bar 4×15
• Leg Extension 4×12
• Leg Press 4×12
• Sumo Squatting 4×12
• Side Crunches on Stability Ball 3×20
• Abs Scissors Kick all the way down and up 3×20
• Seated V Knee-up 3×20
– Reverse Crunch 3×20
– Hanging knee ups 3×20

Sprints on Treadmill ( this one is from my lovely sister-in-law Mallory Goebel who has kicked major butt in 2 marathons so far. She is prego now and still runs EVERY single day – impressive right?)

Incline : 2%
Speed : 7.0 for first mile warm up & then I increase to 7.5 for my second mile warm up

Repeat 8x
Sprint Speed : 10.0 for .25 miles
Rest for .20 miles @ 3.2 speed

Cool-down :
Speed : 7.0 for 1 mile

I do my resistance training first thing in the morning. I do my cardio sometime later in the day to gives my legs a little break. The reason I run after doing my resistance training is because running stretches out the muscles in your legs so it actually helps to prevent my leg muscles from getting too “bulky”.

If you need to increase/decrease the speed or the distance please do whatever works best for you and your body!



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