Tuesday Workout 2/19

Warm up : 1.5 Miles on Treadmill @ 7.2

Resistance Training : Glutes ( get that butt babyyy)
•Good Mornings 4×20 – upper body parralell with floor then come back up
•Kickback with Ankle Weights on Stability Ball 5×15 ( lay on ball kick leg up toward ceiling)
•Barbell Squat with Legs Wide Spread Apart 4×15
•Step-up with Dumbbell or Cables 4×15
•Glute Bridge with Plate 4×20

Cardio :
2 miles on the Treadmill @ 7.2 & 7.5

Circuit :
50 squats
30 push ups
15 pull ups
12 minutes as many rounds as possible


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