Organic Companies … who have been bought out! STOP GMO!

Take a few minutes to look at this website .. Unfortunately a lot of organic farmers have been bought out by bigger organizations and are now donating money to avoid getting GMO food labels put on our foods. If you want to know what your feeding your self and your loved ones fight to get GMO labeling put on our food. California was SO close to getting these GMO labels on there food but some how after MONSANTO spent 46 million dollars to campaign against this the voters miraculously changed their minds. Many people questioned why Monsanto would spend all of this money to simply avoid GMO labeling after they said it was perfectly safe and have nothing to hide. HMMM … they must have something to hide if they are going to spend 46 MILLIONS DOLLARS to make sure it does not happen!!! The sad thing is were not even asking these companies to stop genetically modifying food, all were simply asking is to just label it so that consumers can know what they are putting into their body and have a CHOICE!
– please try to support the farmers that did support the GMO labeling – we all need to work together.

Do something about it .. SPEAK UP & TAKE A STAND.


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