Alright well the positive and good news is that im back on track! I didnt have a terrible weekend by any means, but it was not  what it should of been when it came to my diet. I splurged a little bit on friday night ( which was not good but okay because i did the stair master, then spynga (spin and yoga), and then lifted), and then saturday I splurged a little bit with a true cheat meal (vegan cinnamon roll), and sunday was just off. I am back on track now and I am going to stick with it through my weekends. I was so mad at myself for getting off track on the weekend. I mean really? Get it together girl! I am already seeing progression though, and throughout the week I feel super lean (along with my stomach actually looking super lean too). I definitely over worked myself last week with doing spin and yoga on top of my fasted cardio and lifting so I learned my lesson and I am going to lay off a little bit on that. I am feeling much more refreshed this week, and I have a lot more energy than last week. My glutes are starting to shape up so wohoo for that 🙂 


today’s workouts :

fasted cardio –  30 minutes on the spin bike + 45 minute full body circuit

lifting – leg day ( especially glutes and quads) + abs


My diet has been spot on and I am feeling good. I will check back in tomorrow. Would anyone like to see me post pics of some of the exercises at the gym or the food I am eating? Let me know! 


Have a great day everyone 🙂


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